November 1, 2011

1 Nov

So I used to run, big deal.  It wasn’t like I was “hooked” or anything…I could quit whenever I wanted!  Really!

I really did used to run, I used to run every morning at five.  But that was before the baby.  Now there is barely enough strength in the morning to get up when she does.  And then I bike to work all the time.  So I’m a pretty tired guy.  But I heard about this race that is taking place the first weekend of January, called the Resolution 25k, and I want to run it.  I want to get back into running, I loved it.  But to run four miles before six?  That’s out of my pay grade.  I need to wake up earlier so I can run, so I can get ready and do this thing!

Funny part is:  I started running more when we found out my wife was pregnant.  I am/was a big fella, and I after seeing all these “big fellas” not be able to play with their kids, man I didn’t want that!  I wanted to be able to get down on the floor and wrestle with my daughter.  I wanted to be able to run around the house or yard with her and play games all Saturday, not sit inside and sweat from changing the channel, that’s not living, not really.

So I started to run.  So far, I’ve only completed one 5k.  That was a week before my wedding.  It was kind of sad, because I had some ankle problems that day, and it was a very hilly course.  But I want to do more, I got a friend of mine into running, and we both found out that a good support system is key sometimes in getting up and forcing yourself to move.  We started to get a little bored with the monotony (especially since it was cold) and we thought we would try doing to triathlon.  But I wasn’t able to get with the training after the baby was born and he ended up going alone (I think he did pretty well if I remember correctly).  And so I fell out of the things I enjoyed as the needs of the baby superseded my own.  I bike to work almost every day, but I would still like to run.  I don’t know what it is about it, but I just enjoy the shuffling of my feet, and the quiet and stillness that covers the neighborhood, instead of the busy, dangerous car congested (infested?) road that goes along the same route (its on the main road going to a hospital).

Well, I’m not able to go on a run this morning–I didn’t think about my having to get up and take care of the baby while getting ready for work–which is technically the start of my training for the 25k, but…I guess I will wake up at four tomorrow to go on my four miles.

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