Cake or pie?

28 Oct

Now the thing is this:  this is a silly post that will (hopefully) get out of hand and get millions of views/comments and spark heated debate all over the world.  In reality though, I know that it is just a blah blah blog post.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of cake.

Pros:  Great with milk, doesn’t (necessarily) have messy filling, perfect for first birthdays, used at birthdays, more for your money, more versatile when used as sculpting material, helps you learn algebra, good with ice cream

Cons:  Icing is kinda gross when cheap and overdone, icing gets crunchy when put in refrigerator


Pros:  Great with milk, has warm (or cold) filling, helps you learn division and equal sharing, “All American”, good with ice cream

Cons:  Messy, little for your money, not easy to use when sculpting, not real charmer for first birthdays,

Unfortunately, when it comes down to the facts, it looks like cake wins!!!

But on a preferential note:  I sometimes prefer pie more than cake.

Let me know what you think!


One Response to “Cake or pie?”

  1. Eric Busby October 28, 2011 at 11:31 am #

    I, personally, prefer pie, but I will partake of either of the two in whatever situation.
    Cake is generally too sweet, chiefly because of the icing, so I typically opt for pie. Also, a pro for pies is that you can make them savory [for you quiche fans out there].

    When I think of cakes, my teeth hurt because I automatically think of the icing rather than the lovely, spongy delite that is under the robe of sugar paste.
    Very sweet delicacies make my teeth hurt and I don’t enjoy the feeling of having swallowed 5 tablespoons of sugar in one handy, dandy morsel.

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