Who writes the best song lyrics?

27 Oct

This is short and easy:  Aaron Weiss writes the best song lyrics!  He is a fantastic wordsmith, and his songs end up as countless facebook status updates and blog subjects.  They are so poetic and poignant and just so real.  He mixes his faith in God with his writing in such a way that feels so authentic and genuine.  It is perfect.


2 Responses to “Who writes the best song lyrics?”

  1. Eric Busby October 28, 2011 at 11:54 am #

    I completely agree with you, in that Weiss is PHENOMENAL wordsmith, but I don’t know about the best. I say that because I do not listen to an awful lot of music any more and can’t think of many other artists of this caliber in this genre who may have the capabilities to surpass him.
    In this particular genre, and those that I have heard within it, he is certainly up there with his literary acrobatics and I love how he integrates his faith and the message of a loving Father. His expression of his love for Him and how he speaks of G-d are magnificent.
    Isa ruhu-lah ‘alaihis-salat was-salam

  2. Hollie October 30, 2011 at 8:57 pm #

    I like mewithoutyou, but I don’t think that Aaron Weiss is the best lyricist out there…and honestly, if you were to ask the man himself, I think that he would be humble enough to agree. Their style is so different from so many of musical artists and groups…I also think that, yes, he does “integrate his faith and the message of a loving Father” (as Eric put it), but not every single lyric points to Christ. There ARE other musical artist who do write every lyric to point to our Savior…and for me personally, this is what I prefer.

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