Genesis 1:3-5

27 Oct

“And God said “Let there be light,” and there was light.  God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness.  God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.”  And there was evening, and there was morning — the first day.”

Ah, God’s “first creation”!  How exciting to be reading about the creation of light, something that we have deemed a necessity for so long.  God saw that the light that He had created was good, and he makes a distinction between the light and the dark.  Now darkness was mentioned in the second verse, that it ‘was over the surface of the deep’ and now it is separated into different times of influence, we now know them as “day” and “night”.

Here we get to see God’s first act (that we know of) of creation, and just how powerful God is.  He speaks, and whatever He says, it happens.  Just like that!  I say something, and people look at me funny, but when God talks, the universe responds with the miracle of creation.  How cool is that!

But if we look, light and dark have been created, but we don’t see the source of light…yet, there is a pattern in how the Creation story is written, and it follows with something being created (light on the first day) and then ordered (the great lights that govern the sky on day four), and the whole story seems to follow this pattern (water/2, sea creatures/5; etc. ).  This is just a reinforcement that God is one of order and not chaos.  Everything He does here is orderly and in opposition to chaos.  The writer simply placed the ordering of creation this way so that his readers would be able to see that God is not random and does not act willy nilly, but clear, precise orderly actions that follow a pattern He designed.

Something fun to notice in this passage is the phrase at the end of verse 5 ‘evening, and there was morning — the first day.’ Which means that we designate as a full day is different from what the Jews did according to this verse.  For anyone with Jewish friends who did not know this, this explains why the Sabbath begins Friday night instead of Saturday morning.

Ok, well that’s all for today, hopefully I can continue to write some more Bible Studies as we go…I’ve been neglecting them I know.



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