We need to slow it all down man…

25 Oct

Ok, so I just heard about this inhale-able instant caffeine thing.  It is called AeroShot, and it provides three puffs of limey flavored caffeine boost that is quicker than coffee and has about three puffs in it…the same amount of caffeine in a large cup of coffee.  Don’t worry, it has zero calories because it’s sweetened by stevia, and also has some other vitamins and whatnot…

Now there seems to be a problem here.  Our culture has gotten to the place where the thing that keeps your fast paced day going (caffeine) isn’t fast enough, so some guy in a lab invented a powdered inhaled substance to make it go even faster.


Why in the world do we feel like we have to always be on the go?  Why not sit back for a while?  Enjoy the things around you?
But all this caffeine that we drink (I’m the first to admit that I am a coffee addict) isn’t quick enough for our schedules anymore.  We needed a quicker fix, something that literally is instantly absorbed by the body and is put to use.  But why?  Why is it that we feel that we need all of this?  Coffee is great, I consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur of the coffee, I am very picky, and I like it black, strong, and full of taste and flavor, I like to savor a cup of coffee like the English do with tea.  Sometimes (late at night at work),   There are actually things, don’t worry, they’re not just blurs.  We have dug ourselves into this hole of competition and fast paced razzle dazzle where you have twenty billion things to do at work, not to mention all the stuff that you do as a “family”, like going to all the practices, games, recitals, fairs, events, blah, blah, blah.  Then when you finally do find a moment to eat something for dinner, it has to be fried, dripping in nastiness, and handed to you through a window by a sixteen year old with horrible acne, this is just wrong (and we wonder why our health is so bad?).

I will use it simply for the use of the caffeine, but I am dumbfounded as to why anyone could see any merit in using this.  All this is going to do is push what little strength and “free time” we have left right over the cliff (hope it has some Red Bull).
And speaking in that aside about Red Bull, which was the first of many horrible aberrations of what little good that could come from caffeine…this stuff is awful, in taste and exactly what it is selling.

I think we should reject what this industry is selling (the ideas and the products).  The industry of “energy enhancers” is pushing the idea that you can do do do do do more! if you only buy and use this ________________ product which will mess up your heart put more stress on your life.  Instead, we should try to focus more on what is really important besides all the “stuff” that fills our schedules…like our family, no, not going on trips, not getting them to their various meeting places and appointments, and especially not confrences on how families can manage time better (her’es a tip:  cut out 3/4 of everything you do and you will have plenty of time for your family), really spend some time together:  play a board game, order a pizza, play some charades.  Spend time, at home, with your family, read to them, SOMETHING!

Slow down and smell the freaking roses while you still can.

Here’s a link to the story:



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