Chuck, one of the best shows eva!

20 Oct

My wife and I have found one of the most underrated television shows on the air today:  Chuck.  It currently airs on NBC and is getting ready to start it’s fifth and  (sadly) final season soon.  The show follows it’s namesake Chuck, who works at a store called the Buy More an electronic store with its very own ‘Nerd Herd’, it seems to be a play on the Best Buy chain.

In the first episode of the first season,  a spy named Bryce Larkin, emails a stolen CIA file to Chuck, and when he opens the email up the file gets loaded…straight into his head!  The file is all of the government intel that has been gathered, and was supposed to be loaded into a spy in order to give them all the information they may need on the field about any potential enemy or weapon they come in contact with.

So Chuck the Nerd Herder becomes Chuck the Intersect, and the government sends in super-spies Sarah Walker from the CIA and John Casey from the NSA to become his protectors and handlers.  Chuck becomes an analyst and helps Sarah and Casey as they go on missions according to his “flashes” (intel recognition from seeing or hearing a recovery clue).  Chuck has a hard time “staying in the car” and eventually (almost every episode) find himself in trouble and needing Sarah and Casey’s help, and somehow, Chuck saves the day on more than one occasion.

As the seasons progress, Chuck gets more involved in the spy world, and is asked to help take down the nefariously evil organization called Fulcrum.  Fulcrum tries to steal the Intersect technology that the government is attempting to recreate and use it to create their own super spies.  It is up to Chuck and the rest of his team to stop Fulcrum and bring them down.

After this is completed and the Intersect technology is safe from Fulcrum, we the delighted audience, learn that Fulcrum is not a stand alone operation, but a leg of a much bigger, much more dangerous group–the Ring.  The Ring is what Team Intersect deal with for the next few seasons, ending with season three of the Ring saga.  A special agent Daniel Shaw (a Ring Expert) comes to take control of the team and officially make Chuck a spy, even sending him on his first solo mission (all grown up!), but this Expert learns that one Sarah Walker killed his wife in order to become a full fledged spy, and this sends Shaw into quite the tizzy.  He cooks up a romance with Sarah and then kidnaps her, drugs her, and tries to kill her, but our hero Chuck won’t allow it, shooting Shaw and then everything is supposed to be ok, right?  WRONG!!!  Shaw is really alive and has turned into a Ring Operative, convincing the CIA that he is acting as a double agent to take down the Ring.  Shaw gets implanted with the Intersect and gets Chuck to attack him, getting him arrested, Chuck’s dad (who made the Intersect program) frees Chuck from the CIA compound, making him a fugitive.

Chuck and his dad go on the run, trying to find a way to either hide out to protect the ones they love, or to find a way to stay, fight, and clear Chuck’s name.

They decide to go to an international security meeting and under disguise, infiltrate the meeting and trick Shaw into exposing the Ring leaders and himself as a true Ring operative, controlling the CIA from within.  This clears Chuck’s good name and saves the nation.

In season four, Chuck and Sarah face their most dangerous task to date:  getting married.  We find Chuck’s mom working deep undercover in an international weapons smuggler’s operation since the mid ’80s and Chuck and the rest of the gang trying to take down Volkoff Industries (the weapons dealer).  Things get zany, and they all find out they have much more in common than they think, and the season finale ends with Chuck and Sarah getting married and a massive cliffhanger that plays quite well into season five, the last and hopefully, best season of Chuck eva!

If you haven’t seen this show yet…you should!


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