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19 Oct

So I’m a huge history person.  Truth be told, I would like to teach history in the future, either to high school students, or, much more preferably…college.  Thanks to a professor/work study professor that I had in college, I fell even more in love with the study of history and the pride that needs to go into the area of academia.

Needless to say, I really really like to read history books, mostly world history, but recently, I have found a delightful book about good ole Abraham Lincoln.

Team of Rivals, by Doris Goodwin, follows the four rival Republicans who ran for the nomination in the presidential election of 1960.  Obviously, Lincoln won both the nomination and the election that fall, which led to the bloodiest war of American history.  The amazing thing is that Lincoln moved past the obvious snares that would have trapped those men into political quarrels and actually placed them among his cabinet, with his highest rival, William Seward, as his Secretary of State, and he became Lincoln’s greatest ally and his most trusted adviser.

Goodwin wrote the book beautifully, and really shed a new light on Lincoln, at least for me, and gave me a greater appreciation of American history and the Civil War.  I learned more details about the key players and events that turned the tides of the war better than I had been able to in any class, and I think that Goodwin deserves the awards she garnered from this book.

If you get a chance, read this book!


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