Skewed Morality: Christianity and Ethics

18 Oct

Now, I want to be perfectly honest…I’m a Christian, I believe that Christ died for my sins and that I have been forgiven  of those sins and that I am called to be a new creation by God, living my life according to his commands and statutes found in the Bible.

With that being said, I feel like I’m about to go on a rant, about the church.

The premise that the Americanized version of Christianity can offer any moral standard for it’s followers is almost preposterous, considering the constant drive for numbers and the push for the best bottom line.  The American church has become nothing more than an institution, one that happens to “sell” Jesus and his message of grace…

In order to return to a more biblical approach to the way church is done in this country, I feel that we need to reevaluate the church in light of what the Bible says about the Body of Christ.

Does this system work?  Does pouring millions of dollars into buildings and programs of semi-isolated groups (the local church-group) really accomplish the goal set out by Christ?

I think not.

Instead of pouring all this money into building programs and Sunday School curriculum, the church should abandon the buildings…get a refund on all the material they’ve bought and go back to a smaller group, one in which the teachers are taught to read and understand the Bible and are able to teach it…not have to rely on someone else to tell them what the passage means (I do believe that’s why the Protestant Reformation began in one sense).  If our church leaders stopped relying on someone’s opinion about the Bible, the local church would be forced to learn to study and read it with a less…devotional attitude and a more teacher ready attitude.  This alone would make the local church much stronger, and more devoted to one another, more tightly knit.

If they would also leave the building every once and a while, that would be fantastic as well.  Let’s face it, hardly anybody walks off the street into the church nowadays going “I wonder what goes on here,” no, most everybody knows, and so they avoid the building like its got mold and is going to collapse on them.  They avoid the church because that many strangers paying that much attention to them is…kind of creepy.  What if we left the church, sold the whole thing off and half price to some small company, and paid for some of the teachers to take some classes on hermeneutics or Christian doctrine, useful things for the church, and sent them out into cell churches, not small groups, gah, no, cells, of like four or five small clusters of church groups, that would maybe meet together once every two months or something, then its not an organization, but an organism, and isn’t that what we are supposed to be anyway?

Now, I bet you are wondering how this all relates to ethics.  Well, when Christianity is lived out more like it is a social venue or club, then the religious community’s lifestyle choices suffer immensely.  The ethical choices and the moral standards of the group of a whole are compromised when there is no accountability, and accountability is lost when you feel like you can go into a church building and disappear into the crowd.  This and “unlearned” leaders end up taking the church down a road of odd choices, like spending thousands of dollars on a gym for “evangelistic purposes” but in reality, it is just so the youth don’t disturb the adults on Wednesday night.  The gym hardly gets used and before you know it, it just sits there…and all the money that you spent on it and utilities could have gone to the food pantry, to the implementation of a community soup kitchen (who doesn’t love soup?) or even homeless shelter.  I live in a small city (about 60,000) and there are homeless people here.  And what are the churches of the area doing about it?  Nothing that I have seen, but buildings are being built, so there is money floating around the church community.

The moral choices of the group are being compromised way too much…the church is more like a business than a community.  Communities don’t have budgets, they don’t have all the fancy crap that churches have to have thinking they will impress the younger generation of nonbelievers (and believers).  The focus is off…horrifically skewed.  What we have instead of the body of believers who are trained to live in love is the scared mob of angry people who think that every time they don’t get their way they are being persecuted and cry foul (isn’t persecution supposed to be on the resume of a Christian?) because certain laws are put in place that go against what the Bible teaches.  Why whine about this?  Why complain about laws that do not affect you?  Do you drink?  No, well then why does it matter if others do?  Is it going to harm your faith?  Let the world spin, if it is so evil, as some are prone to say, stop trying to fix it!  That is not your job, your job is to let it spin, and go on loving those who do all the things that offend us because we feel that we have some sort of moral superiority (we don’t, that should be why were Christians, i.e. we don’t have morality, that comes from God’s grace).

So, I will probably get a lot of flak from this…ok.


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