Genesis 1:1

16 Oct

Ok, so we all know the opening verse in the Bible, and I suppose that I am going to start a small Bible study, why you may ask? Because I need to study the Bible, and if I can get feedback from others and possibly help them with their own study of the Bible then I am all for that.

Genesis 1:1 says “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”  BOOM! Just like that, everything and nothing was there!  God spoke into the nothingness and created every single thing that we have seen and billions of others that we have no possible way of being able to see.   But what about this beginning?  Here we see the beginning of time as well, when God decided that he would step into the very thing he was creating and make something out of nothing.  This is the beginning of his brilliant plan that would end with the closing of our human stupidity and our frailties and seeing Jesus crowned King in front of everyone  everyone that has ever existed everyone, not just everyone in Idaho.  So time is also created here, according to a straight reading of the text, without looking at the Hebrew or other translations.  This brings into question the beginning of God, if he existed before time (because he created it) then what in the world was there?  There wasn’t even a heaven, nor a hell, no angels, no demons, nothing except the Father, Spirit, and Son living in complete unity.  Almost seems odd…I picture it like someone floating in space, but there are no stars or planets, and they look more “misty” than just being a regular person…but that’s just how I picture it.

“…the heavens and the earth.”  Ah, here is everything else.  In this phrase we don’t see a single creation here, but we see a summary of what is to come in the rest of the creation story.  There are rumors that float around about a second creation that would occur sometime between the period of verse 1 and the beginning of verse 2.  That’s right, there are some that say that God created the entire universe in v. 1 and decided to destroy it and start all over again in v. 2….I know, it doesn’t make sense to me either, but that’s what some choose to believe.  Well, if that is indeed the case, then God (perfection) doesn’t know how to make anything that can last, as he then destroys humanity in the flood later on, so I fail to see the validity of that reason.

Anyway, we see that this is a summary of the rest of the creation story which will come later, but just right here we can see some very big theological themes that will play a huge role later in the Bible:

1. God is the only source of creation

2. God’s existence is not dependent upon “me”

3. God is completely sovereign and we are mere offshoots of his imagination that he brought to life

These themes will indeed play a very important  role in the formation and structure of theology of not only the Jewish people but of Christians, and to an extent Muslims.

So what do you think?  I know there are people out there much smarter than I am, and I would love to see your comments about this post!


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