Christianity and Christmas

15 Oct

So, I have this thing about Christmas…I don’t like it.

Now, let me explain, I actually love the story about Christ and his birth and him coming into the world and all that stuff, but the Christmas that I hate, the Christmas that makes me wish I lived in another country? Well, that is the consumerist side of Christmas that is detestable.  Not only is the season HORRIBLY misconstrued (really, Santa Claus?  Why a bigger gentleman in a red pajama suit with a white beard shimmying down a chimney to give your kids more stuff?)

, but the utter chaos that surrounds the holiday is abhorrent and very very very frustrating.  Why in the world does the birth of Jesus have to coincide with buying my loved ones hundreds of dollars of junk that they don’t even like, or won’t use more than oh, I don’t know, two or three times?

Why is it that we have to be subjected to the retail onslaught that is the holiday season?  Where is Christianity in that?  How is the faith founded on charity and living a simple life even remotely involved in anything that goes on between the months of what now-August through January?

Instead of doing this whole “shopping” thing this year, I would rather suggest that we, not just as people who say they follow Christ, but as people who want to hold onto their sanity and their money, NOT go through with the Christmas routine of sho

pping, charging  and regretting?

Why don’t we do this:  Take that $700 computer you are using to read this now and put it to good use by creating Christmas themed coupons that excuse our loved ones from fretting over the “perfect” thing to get us this year.  These coupons can include anything from spending time together, volunteering, a hug, a kiss, a cup of coffee, something, ANYTHING besides buying stuff.

Then, just to add to the fun, instead of opening gifts on Christmas morning, put on a pot of coffee, start some breakfast, wake up the kids, and read the Bible out loud to them.  That’s all, just read the story of the birth of Jesus and then have breakfast, but afterwards, go through your closets or rooms and get rid of stuff to donate, because really, do you need that many pairs of shoes?  Or shirts? Or ties? Or teles? Probably not, considering man has survived for thousands (or millions, or billions, depending on how you read Genesis) of years without all that stuff.

So, this Christmas, please please please! try to force yourself to step away from the counter and en

joy a cup of cocoa on the back porch with your kids and a nice fire pit…its way more relaxing than waking up at four in the morning to go to the mall on Black Friday…

What do you think about all this?  Agree? Disagree?  Violently Oppose?  Let me know!



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