Hello There!

14 Oct

So my name is Jeff, and this, this is my blog.  Since you are here, and since you are reading this post, I would assume that you are wanting to know just a little bit about me, so here we go.  I am a recent graduate from Williams Baptist College, and I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Christian Ministries with an emphasis in Biblical Theology and a minor in Psychology.  I almost have a minor in History, and with any luck, I may or may not try to pursue something along either Theological or Historical lines as a “career”.

In May of 2010 I married my wife, Hollie, and about two months after we got married we found out, well, she was going to have a baby.  So, fast forward nine months and we have my baby girl, Sophia, who is basically my world.  We live in Arkansas with our two retarded dogs, Dug and Aly, and we, like every one else, are poor.

Now, as for hobbies, well, poverty does not allow for many costly habits, but I do have my favorites:  reading and cycling.  I work at a bookstore, and since I am around books ALL THE TIME, I get to read quite a bit, not as much as I would like to, but we can’t all have what we want can we?  Cycling, on the other hand, is more of a slight necessary hobby, as our family only has one working car.  So I bike to and from work almost every day, averaging about 4 1/2 miles daily.  This hobby is fun, I enjoy it, but I have found that I do tend to have “road rage” only the version that includes me on a bike yelling at drivers as they pass within inches of me while they are speeding through a school zone (oh yeah, it happens); I have even been in an accident, a guy driving a truck wasn’t paying much attention and he pulled out and hit me, I wasn’t hurt badly, but I was upset because my bike was messed up and I was going to be late for work but it all got straightened out in the end.

Well, that, as far as I can imagine, is about all I can think about to tell whomever decides they want to read this….enjoy the rest of my blog.


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